This powerful, invisible network called the “Interwebs”

It blows my mind how far technology has come. Let’s quickly look back at history:

1958: US government creates the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)
1972: ARPAnet, the predecessor to today’s Internet, was announced and addressed to the public
1980: The first network gateways between the US and European countries was established
1991: The World Wide Web opens up to the public

Such dates. Many history. Very Interwebs. So interesting. Wow. Let’s look at more important history of the Internet:

1997: America Online (AOL) Instant Messenger (AIM) was released
1999: Xanga was founded
2000: Neopets was founded
2003: Myspace was founded
2004: Facebook was founded
2005: YouTube was founded
2012: Candy Crush Saga was released

Back in the 1980’s, we were using technology to connect with other countries. Now we use it to create combos of candy. But that’s not all! There is so much information on the Internet; the uses of the Internet are limitless. One can use social media, email, or instant messaging to connect and exchange messages with people from all over the world (How did you come about reading this blog?) One can also use library or article databases to research dates and facts (How else would I have known those historic dates?) My personal favorite is using the Internet to translate languages I don’t know (How else would I have known what vita pro bono meant?) And the last function of the Internet I will be mentioning is to express feelings through video or words through vlogs or blogs (Oh, WordPress).

I can feel it, 2014 will be awesome. If you haven’t translated it yet, vita pro bono means “the good life”. I feel that everyone is exposed to good experiences throughout life. Life might be bleak for others, but I feel we should focus on those good and positive experiences. I aim to blog about relevant topics on my experiences in hopes that it will help readers enjoy and enrich their lives. Welcome to the good life. #vpb


Vox tua, et de ideis

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