How to Start the New Year off Right

The New Year is upon us! As we reflect on 2013, think about rooms.

It might be strange, but bare with me. Room A is adjacent to Room B. You are in Room A. To get to Room B, you must exit Room A. There is a moment in time where you are both exiting Room A and entering Room B at the same time. In a physical sense, that moment is when you pass the door frame.

Didn’t get it? Let me use a movie reference (bonus points to whoever gets it). There are two states adjacent to each other. Let’s say North Carolina and Virginia. There is a state line that divides them. Depending on where you come from, when you are on that state line, you are simultaneously exiting and entering those states.

The doorframe or state line of 2013/2014 is midnight. Once you exit a place, you enter another the same time. There is only one chance and one way to change how you enter a year. If you change how you exit, you change how you enter.

So you want to start off 2014 right? Then exit 2013 right. I compiled a list of some things you can do to prepare for that transition:

  • Exercise. Get those endorphins going and jumpstart on those resolutions.
  • Clean your house.
  • Clean and reorganize your room. A different room layout makes everything feel different.
  • Change or wash your sheets. God knows when you last did that…
  • Do your laundry. Clean clothes for the new year!
  • Remove any unused clothes from your wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the newly-thrifted finds.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Brush your teeth. Floss while you’re at it.
  • Shower. Please.
  • Clean your bathroom while you’re there.
  • Cut, buff, and/or paint your nails.
  • Shave or trim your hairs. Interpret that however you feel.
  • Dress nice for tonight. 😉

The list includes a lot of cleaning. If you have no time, some cleaning is better than none. End your year clean to start a new one fresh. I like to think of the New Year as preparing for a date that is coming to your home.

Of course you want to impress your date. So you clean everything. You clean up the living room, the bathroom, your room ;), and yourself.

Your date (1/1/14) is coming soon. So get to cleaning!


Vox tua, et de ideis

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