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4.5 Ways to Step-Up Your Date Game

When you think of the word “date”, what comes to mind? 

A person you take to a high school dance?  A grape-like fruit?  Movie and dinner?  If you think of the latter, you are better off thinking about the fruit.  I do not want people to think that a “date” means or equals a “movie and dinner”.

Pass.  Too unoriginal.  Too plain.

You will never stand out of the crowd like that.  A date should be more than the latest comedy film and the 2 for $20 dinner deal at a Tex-Mex chain.  A date should be exciting and fun.  But most of all, a date should be memorable. Here are 4.5 ways to step up your date game and step out of the crowd:

1) Take Charge and Plan It Out.

The first step is to take charge.  Other people can be fickle with plans, so set it yourself.  Set the time and place given that you know her or his availability and ability.  Also plan the other logistics.  Does the place you are going to take card?  How is the parking like?  Is the place even open at that time?  Will it be traffic?  Do you have a back-up plan?  Yelp is a godsend when planning this stuff out.

After all the planning is the actual date.  During the date, if there are any problems, fall on a previously planned back-up plan.  Did you even make a Plan B? In most cases, spontaneity can be exciting.  Just remember to not leave the options to fickle thinking people.

2) Be Creative

Creative dates make for unique dates.  Unique dates are memorable dates.  People will forget which movie they watched.  They might also forget who they watched it with too.  But who would forget that “puddle-splashing” date?

Thinking creatively is hard for some people.  Imagination (bonus points for whoever said it like Spongebob) is not wired in all of us.  Sometimes you just meet people who inspire you to think of creative date ideas.  If you have not met those people yet, you can use finances and money as a way to stimulate creativity.

I am going to put myself on blast right now, but I made that “puddle-splashing” date idea because I had a broke-college-student income and that is what she liked to do.  Who needs rain boots when you have plastic bags and rubber bands? No joke. We strapped on plastic bags to our feet and went to hopping in puddles.  We probably looked goofy, but most inexpensive fun ever.

2.5) No Movie Theatres and No Chain Restaurants

I may have been too harsh on movies and restaurants.  I should have been more specific.  Do not go to the movie theatres and chain restaurants.

Movies have potential.  Just couple it with a cooking session together.  Cook a meal together in the kitchen, and then watch a movie together in the living room.  There are 3 reasons why movies at home are better than movies at theatres: 1) comfy seating positions 2) overall less expensive experience 3) the bedroom is not too far

Just saying.

Restaurants also have potential.  I do not like to use restaurants as date ideas until you are comfortable with that person.  Just make sure it is a unique restaurant.  Unique restaurant equals unique experience.  Try out that fusion restaurant.  Go to a place where you eat with your hands.  Go for the unique experiences.

3) Do Something She or He Always Wanted To Do

Why was “A Walk To Remember” so cute?  Jamie had a bucket list and Landon creatively planned its completion.

There are probably places your significant other wants to go to or things she or he wants to do.  Aim to strike things off her or his bucket list.

If everything went according to plan, it should be one of the most memorable dates of her or his life.

Just make sure the bucket list is not too crazy.  Plan appropriately.  For the first date, try not to get married in the same chapel her mom was married in or something like that.

4) Explore New Experiences

A new experience is a unique experience.  “Firsts” are always memorable.  Always.  Even if your first kiss was horrible, you still remember your first kiss (First peck on the lips was in 7th grade at Paramount’s Great America; and the first open-mouth action was in 8th grade during a nighttime stargazing science trip).

There will be a point where you will never be her or his first kiss or sexual experience.  Many of you are probably well past that point.  In any case, remember that there are more “firsts” than just those.

Be the first to take her or him to go to that not-so-local hotspot.  Be the first to take her or him to that unique blind restaurant.  Be the first to share with her or him the experience of an actual date.

In a society of movie theatres and restaurant chains, I wish you all imagination and a creative mind for your grape-like fruits.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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