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The Art of Alcohol: Infusing Liquor


Just the thought of one word can bring up many reactions.  On one hand, there are bits and pieces of hazy memories of fun times.  On the other hand, there is only a mysterious period of time where memories only live in brotherhood story tale and phone camera galleries.  Some recall the burning sensation and acquired taste.  Others just remember the taste of Regret and Bad Decisions.

But for the low price of “DIY”, you can infuse liquor! Yes! You!

Say “goodbye” to the plain taste of Regret and Bad Decisions!

Regret and Bad Decisions now comes in your favorite flavor!

Taste it today!

Well, actually in 5 to 21 days.  In any case, I suggest you try infusing your own liquor.  It’s the cheaper way to get flavored liquor and the only way to get uniquely flavored liquor.  How else would you get bacon and orange flavored vodka?

Infused liquor also makes a great gift.  Is a friend’s 21st birthday coming up?  Infuse some alcohol with his or her favorite flavor.  Present it in a flask, and you’re good to go.

You can also plan alcohol infusion parties.  Have all your guests bring their own infused alcohol.  Sharing is caring.  Just remember to not tell each other what flavors you infused.

If you enjoy parties in general, you can make a specialty drink using your own infused alcohol.  It would be hard to replicate a drink that you mixed and infused yourself.  Hey, maybe you could be known for your awesome drink.

There are many other guides online to reference as well.  I’ll admit it, my first attempt was useless.  My second was better, but use my experiences to better yours.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Infuse Liquor Step 1

What you will need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Flavor Ingredients
  • Cup
  • Coffee Filters/Cheesecloth
  • Optional: Funnel

For my first attempt, I tried making an Apple Green Tea Infused Vodka.

What I would have done better:  Everything.  LOL.  I rushed it, and didn’t get all the ingredients.  I would definitely have more green tea bags and more apples.  I would also use Everclear instead of Smirnoff.  The online sources say that higher percentage alcohol is better to use.  So use Everclear if you have the chance.

Step 2: Put Everything Together

 Infuse Liquor Step 2

I read that metals would affect the taste of infusion.  So I removed the staple from the teabags and sewed it shut.

I read that metals would affect the taste of infusion. So I removed the staple from the teabags and sewed it shut.

Infuse Liquor Step 4 Infuse Liquor Step 5

The other online guides can really help with the Ingredient-Alcohol Ratio.

What I would have done better:  I would have cut up the apples into smaller pieces.  The surface area of the ingredients influences the timing and taste of the infusion.  And like I said before, I would have used more ingredients for the infusion.

Step 3: Store in a cool, dark place and taste-test and shake every day.

No one can really mess up in the step.  To taste-test, feel free to use your finger, but remember to wash your hands before.  If you are infusing for a gift, try to keep it sanitary and use a utensil or something.

How long do the ingredients need to infuse for?  Well.  That depends on the ingredients.  Guides online gives an estimate of times, but the general rule is to base it off taste.  That is the ultimate goal anyways.  Do you like the taste of your infused alcohol by Day 5?  Maybe you can’t really taste it until Day 18.  Just keep taste-testing it every day.

Note:  A taste-test is not a shot.

Beware! Don’t leave ingredients in the alcohol for too long.  There’s a whole chemical process that occurs when that happens.  Just don’t let it happen.

Step 4: Filter

Depending on your ingredients, there may be a step before this one.  If your ingredients were fat-based, then a whole process called “fat washing” will need to be done.  Please consult other online guides for that process.

 Infuse Liquor Step 6Infuse Liquor Step 7

I went cheap and didn’t buy the funnel, but it worked fine.  I just put the coffee filter over the top of the cup.  Remember to hold the filter in place using your hands or even a rubber band.

I removed the ingredients using a fork.  Then I slowly filtered the contents into the cup.  Remember to wash the mason jar if you are doing to use it again.

Step 5: DRANK (or gift)


What I would have done better:  Not eat the fruits that were sitting in the alcohol for a week.  It tasted horrible.

Since my first attempt was so bad, I reused the filter alcohol for the second attempt.  For the second attempt, I tried to create a Strawberry Mango Green Tea flavor.

Infuse Liquor Revamp

After the process again, the product turned out pretty good.  I definitely put too much ingredients the second time through.

I liked to infuse liquor.  It required minimal time for a great product.  Infusing liquor is something I suggest people try.  I wish you a safe and flavorful drinking experience.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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