What Singles Should Do On Valentine’s Day

There is so much controversy revolving around Valentine’s Day.

Some people call it a holiday.  Others call it an excuse to increase prices and sales on diamonds, roses, and chocolates.  Some people love this day because they can be extra cheesy and romantic.  Others feel that everyday should be a day to do cheesy and romantic stuff.  Some people embrace their single status and celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” (I find this funny because the acronym is S.A.D.) Others just hide out and eat away their feelings with comfort food.

Whether you like it or not, there will be Valentine spirit on Friday.  Will you embrace the day?  Will you hide away from all the mushy stuff?  Will you participate?

In any case, I came up with a small to-do list for singles on Valentine’s Day.  If you are in a relationship, please read this instead.  If you are single, please continue to read.

1) Have some alone time

This may not be the most reasonable task, but hear me out.  Take this time to appreciate yourself.  Do some soul-searching.  Meditate.  Do something you love to do.  Find the good aspects of single life.

For me, I like to use this time to do a variety of things.  I would exercise.  You have to work on the summer body in the winter time.  I also would do something artsy, like sing and play guitar or write a poem.  Here’s a haiku I made:

My ex texted me:

“Come to my house at midnight”

I got some that night

 After you had some ample time to get some “me-time” move on to #2.

 2) Spend some time with other single friends or family

I suggest that you do not spend time with friends that are in relationships.  There are three things that could happen if you do: 1) You will end up helping them with their Valentine’s Day plans, 2) You will end up being 3rd, or even 5th wheeling, or 3) You will end up helping them with their Valentine’s Day plans.

Helping your friends in relationships is cool and all, but you can help your single friends as well.  Spend that day with friends and family who are also single.  These are the people who feel as you feel.  Especially be there for friends or family who just got out of a relationship.

Use this time to eat your hearts out and talk bad about love.  Talk about the latest love-related juicy gossip or just vent about your love lives.  It is easier to talk about it with others who are single.

Last year, my sister was still coping with a divorce and my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt had just ended on a bad note.  We ended up eating ice cream and watching Magic Mike.  I now know I can fall back to being an exotic male dancer if I don’t end up using my degree.

3) Get drunk

Self-explanatory.  Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year.  You should be sober when you have your “me-time”, but feel free to start drinking when hanging out with your single friends.  Alcohol will help you talk about stuff like love.  After everyone is done talking about how love sucks, go out!  Go to the downtown bar or club, and meet more people.

All great stories start with alcohol.  I’m sure there will be other single people looking to talk (or even hook up, if you’re into that) on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe the single friends you were talking with are also just looking for a cuddle buddy.  Maybe.

By no means am I promoting or condoning underage drinking or alcoholism.  In all cases, drink responsibly and remember that consent is sexy.

Prepare your body for the events that are to come on Friday.  It’s going to be S.A.D.  Just kidding.  Enjoy your Friday, whomever you spend it with and however you spend it.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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