The Most Cost-Effective Time to Start a Relationship

Once Valentine’s Day is over, everything gets better.  The leftover chocolate is on sale.  The smell of infatuation subsides.  And.  It is best time to get into a relationship.

The end of Valentine’s Day also marks the end of the “gift holiday quarter”.  This term refers to the 4 month period when major gift-giving holidays occur.  The Quarter starts in November with Thanksgiving.  Although it is not a major gift-giving holiday (yet), I see a growing trend of couples buying each other expensive gifts to show their appreciation for each other.

Christmas in December is obvious.

January is more of an interim month, but there are couples who buy gifts for each other in support of any resolutions.  Like those couple, I definitely support resolutions.

Then finally, Valentine’s Day is the last holiday of the Quarter.

Let’s estimate that the average price of the gift of each holiday is $100.  Basing my standard of living from Bay Area, California, I feel like that is a moderate number.  From my experience and Facebook newsfeed, I definitely see gifts price at even higher amounts.

The price of 4 holidays at $100 (plus it’s super easy to do math with this number) per holiday gift is potentially $400 you can save/put off.  If you had $400 to use on yourself what would you use it on?

If you do start talking to someone right after the Quarter, you have 8 months to find out if you still want to be with this person during the gift holiday quarter.  It’s kind of like a trial run.  I don’t mean it in a bad way.  During those 8 months, you will learn about that person.  You will learn about his or her gift preferences and wish lists, making the gifts during the Quarter more meaningful.  The 8 month period will also save you money from those short-term relationships.  Why spend +$400 on a 4 month relationship?  If both parties found those 8 months enjoyable, feel free to splurge on +$100 gifts.

Ultimately, the Quarter system helps us define the most cost-effective time to start a relationship.  It has to be right after Valentine’s Day. *

*Okay, there’s more to it.  So there is a little flaw in the quarter system.  The most important holiday of all is always going to be a variable.


Birthdays are another holiday to be aware of.  It’s the most important one to remember.  Unfortunately, it messes up the Quarter system.  If the person you are trying to get at has his or her birthday during the Quarter, you’re fine.  He or she would still have to go through that 8 month trial run.  A birthday in March or October extends the Quarter a bit (thus not truly fitted for the name “Quarter”), but that isn’t too much of a problem.  Yeah, sure, it means a 7 month trial run instead of an 8 month one, but that is not where the true problem lies.

The problem lies in those birthdays in April through September.  If you follow the Quarter system, there is potentially a limited trial period.  A birthday in April?  That’s only 1 and a half months of learning about a person!

My suggestion to solve this problem: Know a person’s sign before looking to get into a relationship with them.  No, not for compatibility reasons, but to figure out their birthday.  If you really want the most cost-effective time to start a relationship, you have to limit what signs you can date.  You can only date people who have the sign of the Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius.  Sorry, if you believe in the compatibility horoscopes. **

**Okay, there’s more to this whole “cost-effectiveness-of-relationships” thing.  It might be a cheesy thing to say but you can’t really control the timing of when you fall for a person.  Yeah.  It definitely is ideal to start a relationship after Valentine’s Day, but to go so far as to limit your dating pool based on something he or she couldn’t control is pushing it.  Like everything, take this with a grain of salt.  And a bit of humor.


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