Bachelor Weekend: Challenges and Tips

I am fully aware that I am late on my posting schedule.  Please excuse me.  I am still recovering from a bachelor weekend.  As one of the groomsmen, I had to partake in this weekend full of fun.

One of the other groomsmen thought of the great idea to have a list of challenges for the bachelor to complete by the end of the weekend.  Great idea.  After every completed challenge, the bachelor would earn some spending money and a Rebuttal act.  The Rebuttal acts are for the groomsmen to complete.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

For the weekend, the main Rebuttal act was “Drink”.  The groomsman of the groom’s choice has to down a drink.  Other potential Rebuttal acts include “Pick-up Line” and “Push-Ups”.  For “Pick-up Line”, the groomsman of the groom’s choice has to use a pick-up of the groom’s choice on the woman of the groom’s choice.  And “Push-Ups” is self-explanatory.

All the groomsmen contributes to the creation of the list of challenges Here are some challenges that I found funny and entertaining.  (Disclaimer for my sister, the bride: The groom may or may not have completed or attempted any of these challenges.  It is safe to assume that nothing compromised the integrity of the relationship)

(Some of) The Bachelor List:

  • Get 20 women to sign your shirt
  • Get the phone number of a woman over the age of 60
  • Lift a woman over your head
  • Find a bachelorette and buy her a drink
  • Buy a box of condoms, a cucumber, and a tub of Vaseline from the same store, check out in line with a male cashier, and ask him what time he’s off
  • Down a woman’s drink, and then offer to buy her a fresh one.
  • Convince 2 women to kiss each other
  • Convince a woman to buy you a drink

The challenge of having women sign the bachelor’s shirt is definitely needed.  It is such a great way to break the ice with groups of women.  I would highly recommend it.  I would also recommend raising the number of women needed to sign the shirt.

There are some other tips worth considering.  If it’s a bachelor weekend, the groomsmen should take digital pictures throughout the weekend.  Then on the car/plane ride back home or during breakfast/lunch, go over the pictures and talk about the weekend.  Delete them right after.  Remember to take numbers, not give numbers.  Take the number as a trophy, but do not keep it.  Delete the contact and/or throw away that paper.  If anyone uses any substances, remember to make sure it is legal and safe.  Make sure the party always has a designated driver or a number for a taxi.

Make sure none of the stupid consequences will follow any of the members of the party after the fact.  What happened at the Bachelor party, stays at the Bachelor party.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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