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5 Birthday Gift Ideas (Plus a Tip for Those Facebook-Friends)

“It feels like the perfect night~”

To blog about how old I’m getting.  My 22nd birthday is coming up this week, and I am somewhat excited.  I feel that gift-giving is a tricky part of life.  So here are some ideas if you are struggling to think of some gifts for your friend’s upcoming birthday.

1) Meal

This is a great way to spend time with the birthday guy or girl.  He or she might be busy the whole week, so try to coordinate it with other common friends.  If you also get it with common friends, you guys could all split the cost of the meal of the birthday guy or girl.  Another tip is to have the meal at a restaurant that gives freebies to birthday celebrants.

2) Functional gift

I like this idea.  I’m one of those people who requests socks for a Secret Santa gift.  Everyone uses socks.  Gifts like shirts or pants might not be used because it depends on the style of the wearer.  If you give a functional gift, the birthday celebrant has a higher chance of actually using the gift.  A reliable, portable USB charger is an example of a functional gift that everyone doesn’t have yet.

3) Alcohol

Speaking of functional gifts…  Depending on how ratchet the birthday celebrant is, alcohol is much appreciated.  Unfortunately, all types of alcohol might not be ok with the celebrant.  I know some people who drink only wine.  I know others who hate wine, but love hard liquor.  Try to remember your friend’s alcohol preferences.

4) Inside Joke Gift

If you and your friend have an inside joke, this is a good cost-effective option.  The gift doesn’t have to be expensive because the sole purpose is to remind him or her about that inside joke.  Just remember to include a card with something nice written in it.

5) Personalized Gift

This option is for those crafty people.  Personalized gifts make some of the best gifts.  Just like #4, this option is inexpensive.  The gift is thoughtful and less likely to be thrown away.

PROTIP:  “What do you give a Facebook friend for their birthday?”

So you aren’t close friends, but you are friends on Facebook?  First of all, write something on their wall on his or her birthday.  Or if they had an Instagram post about his or her birthday, it is socially acceptable to comment on that post instead.  If you have her or her personal cell number, it would be better to text instead of posting on his or her wall.

If he or she is having a birthday party, don’t come empty-handed.  Bring something!  Snacks, chase, water bottles, food, more alcohol.  Just something!  If he or she is having an outing like a clubbing event, be sure to buy the birthday guy or girl a drink.  At least one.  In any case, always (ALWAYS) have at least one shot together.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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