5 Things to Bring to a Party

The perfect storm is brewing.

My friends are on spring break and I will be house-sitting an empty house for 2 weeks. Of course I’m thinking of throwing a party.  If you go to a party, you have to bring something. This list should guide you.


This is a must.  If you are of drinking age, you are obligated by social rule to bring alcohol.  When you’re young, it really doesn’t matter what type of alcohol.  Just alcohol.  As you get older, the cheaper alcohol isn’t worth it.  A general rule I follow is to bring whatever the host likes to drink.  If you prepared well, you might have infused an alcohol just for the host.  If you are not of drinking age, there are other options for you.

2) Chase

“Chase” is a fancy word for any other drinks besides alcohol or water.  Anyone can bring this.  Some popular chase drinks you can bring include: Coca-Cola/Pepsi, Sprite/7-Up, ginger ale, Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice, or orange juice.  Be mindful if the host does or does not drink soda.

3) Food or snacks

This is another option that anyone can bring.  The formality of the party will decide which foods are appropriate.  Pastas require utensils, so save those for more formal parties.  Chips are a great snack for casual get-togethers but not for dressed-up events.  Maybe it’s because I live in the United States, but I find that pizza is always a safe choice.  It looks fine on a plate or in bare hands.  Plus, it is easily acquirable.

4) Fully-charged cell phone

Cell phones these days can do many things, and you should utilize it to its fullest.  Set an vibrate-alarm if you need to leave by a certain time.  Take videos and/or pictures to document all the fun.  Be sure not to post any pictures of drunk friends online.  It may be funny at the time, but their reputation might be damaged or even worse social consequences can occur.  Make sure to always post up pictures with peoples’ permission.  Use your contacts page to add any new numbers.  Use the call function to call your designated driver or taxis.

PROTIP: Do NOT drunk call or drunk text any ex-lovers or potential lovers.  Trust me.  I thought it would be a great way to express my feelings because I can “blame it on the alcohol”, but it’s very immature.

5) Your clean, fun self

You can have dirty fun.  Just make sure you are clean first.  Make sure you showered and brushed your teeth that day.  If you are trying to impress someone at the party, it wouldn’t  hurt to shower and brush your teeth again beforehand.  Remember to bring the fun side out.  It’s a party.  Have fun.  Meet and talk to new people.  Make some new friends.

As with all my posts about alcohol:  Drink responsibly.  In this case, party responsibly.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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