How to Recite a Poem


One word.
And that pause has to be there, after that one,
that one word.
Then it goes to some background information
that transitions to the next section

Make use of literary devices whenever you can.
Cause you can be a rhyming woman or man
that makes the crowd go “damn,
that poet used rhymes so fine I lose my mind
and awesome alliterations all the time!”

Now add an unintentional…
pause. Because I had to look at my…
touchscreen smart phone because I want to…
Look up but…
I don’t remember the words to my own poem that should…
have a sense of personality and ownership.

This is how we do it*
Add some sing song lyrics that everyone knows
to make people connect to your piece and laugh.
Rack city chick, rack rack city chick*
You must add lyrics even if it doesn’t make sense.
Baby, set me free, from this misery*
even if you can’t take it anymore,
if you add old school lyrics, you get brownie points
with the audience

Add a part that consists of very precise words.
Words that are powerful and can speak for themselves.
This part also has strong diction to emphasize important words
that are used for information.
Add some hand gestures for more emphasis.
Don’t forget to speed up tempo to make this part more intense.
And by this part, the audience should be in awe.
Amazed and perplexed and enlightened by your words.
They should be snapping and verbally agreeing with your words
out loud. Out loud.

Then before you end your piece, you have to slow down.
Slow down your tempo so the audience
can bask and cook in the words you had just fed them.
Then end the piece with a bold statement that ends like this.




In honor of the end of National Poetry Month, this post has a poem!

In my earlier years of college, I had so much emotion pent-up.  I was going through a spiritual journey and I didn’t know how to deal with my past.  I found comfort in writing.  If I couldn’t express my emotions to people, I let it out through prayer and writing.

I wrote this in 2012, and it was my last poem I’ve written.  It’s definitely much more upbeat and silly than my other writings.  An Open Mic night inspired me to write this.  It’s unfortunate that I stopped writing, but I felt that my emotional state was doing better than before.  I’ve found that emotion empowers expression.

When you’re feelings angry or frustrated, write about it.  When you’re feeling sad or depressed, write about it.  When you’re going through some love triangle or romantic issue, write about it.

The beauty of poetry and art is that it doesn’t really need to be good.  It’s a method of expression.  Its sole purpose is to be itself.  There is no right or wrong or good or bad.  Please humor my poem.  There is no template or specific way to deliver or create a poem.  Just express yourself.  If you’re not opening up to anyone, try opening up to words and writing.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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