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3 Last-Minute Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

All the signs were there, but you still did not get the memo.  There were special sales and TV advertisements that signaled that a special holiday was coming up, but you still did not remember.  Today is Mothers’ Day, and you forgot.

Do not fear! The day is not over. I have some suggestions for last-minute gift ideas you can use.

1) Picture Collage

This is a simple, but thoughtful idea.  You must include old pictures.  Older people like to relive memories, and pictures help to do just that.  One idea for a collage would be to include pictures of you and your mom during different stages of your life.  This would look like a timeline collage.

Remember to include an appropriate picture frame.  Several years ago, I gave my mom a picture in a frame that said: “Mom and me”.  She still has it to this day.

2) 100 Memories

This idea is more cost-efficient because it only requires a nice container and pen and paper.  You might think that this idea is lame because your mom is worth more than the $10 spent on the container, but it is harder than it seems.  Be descriptive as possible when writing out each Memory.  Include any dates if you remember them.  If you have some unspoken feelings about that Memory, it would also be a good time to write it out.

“I remember you would always make me bring gifts to my elementary school teachers at the end of the school year.  You are always so kind. I love you!”

“I remember when I got into my first car accident on 4/1/2010.  You were the first person I called.  Thanks for helping me through that situation.  I love you!”

And so forth.  These Memories can include longer anecdotes and even pictures, but it’s still difficult coming up with 100 of them.

3) Flowers with a Memory

This idea takes the lazy gift and transforms it into a thoughtful gift.  Almost everyone gets their mother some flowers for Mothers’ Day.  That’s just too common and too boring.  Spruce up the flowers by attaching Memories to them.  I know it’s hard to think of 100 Memories, but 12 quality Memories won’t be too hard.

I have no experience being a mom or a parent, but I know that your mom will appreciate any time you spend with her.  If you don’t like any of my suggestions, there are other things you can do.  If you are close with your mom, go with her and do things she likes.  My mom would LOVE it if I went to church with her.  Maybe you can go spoil your mom at the mall if she likes to shop.  Go Yelp something if she likes a specific type of food.  If you are not close with your mom, I still feel that some appreciation should be given to her.  Go and buy her groceries, fill up her tank, or clean her house.

Going along with that topic, many people might not have moms on Mother’s Day.  Use this day to appreciate the mother figures of your life.  They may be an aunt, a teacher, or even your dad.  Unconditional love should be recognized and celebrated every day, but this day especially.


Vox tua, et de ideis

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