Ideal Conditions for a Career

I recently announced that I would be traveling.  To prepare for the travels, I have been working so much.  I work a 64-hour work week just to prepare my finances for travel.

Every Saturday and Sunday, I am stuck with back-to-back shifts.  The first shift is from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  The next job is from 3:30 PM to 11:00 PM.  That’s basically my life on weekends.  I usually have issues making plans for late Friday nights and weekends.

I also have trouble making plans for holidays.  Since hotels are open on holidays, someone has to run the place on those days.  The hospitality industry requires staff 365/24/7.  This is the case for other industries as well.  Some gyms, theatres, restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations are also open on holidays.

My job history helped me create a short, general list that others should reflect on.  There are a couple of aspects about a career that everyone should look for.

1) No work on holidays

I want to focus on giving presents on Christmas, saying thanks on Thanksgiving, and passing out candy on Halloween.  Holidays come only once a year; they are a nice change in pace.

Birthdays are holidays too.  I remember working on three out of four of my last birthdays.  It sucked.

2) No work on weekends

Weekends are basically mini-holidays.  It may be a relative’s or friend’s birthday or your favorite artist is in town.  Maybe a convention or event, not specifically a holiday, is on a certain weekend.

I actually wouldn’t mind working some weekends.  Sometimes there are annual events in the workplace that need work on some weekends.  I’m fine with that.  I just need some availability for those mini-holidays.

There may be many reasons you disagree with this list.  You might disagree with the religious connection to holidays.  You might not have a lot of friends to spend weekends with.  You might not afford the luxury of taking holidays or weekends off.  Whatever the reason, there is one essential aspect to this short list: time.

I understand that money is needed to pay for bills, but money cannot buy time spent with loved ones.  Time is something you cannot earn back.  Everyone has 24 hours in a day.  The amount of days in a lifetime varies between people.  The average person has around 28,000 days in a lifetime.  How many days are spent working?  How many days do you want to spend with loved ones?

I want to spend at least the weekends and holidays with the people I love.


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