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The Complexity of Physicality

There are two parts to every person.  There’s a non-physical part and a physical part.  The non-physical part consists of a person’s disposition, temperament, personality, intelligence, and soul.  Philosophers also call this part the “mind”.  The physical part is the body.  The mind of a person is mainly built on socialization.  The body is a whole different subject matter.  A person’s body is a game of chance, action, and rules.

Chance is the dice roll.  It is the hand you’re dealt.  Chance is genetics.  We are not in charge of our own genetics.  We are not in charge of the dice roll.

If both your biological parents have brown eyes, it is highly likely you have brown eyes.  If you were born with an incurable disease, it may seem unfortunate but that was the dice roll.

You have to realize that you cannot change your genetics. You have to accept the dice roll and the hand dealt and continue playing.

The real game starts after the hand is dealt.  Life is made up of different actions (or accidents) that can change physicality.  Exercising and dieting and the lack of either can change body types.  Accidents that cause injury can permanently change your body.  Surgery is also an expensive action to take to change up the game.  Anyone can engage in action or preventative action.  So although we are not responsible for our genetics, we are in charge of maintenance and other potential changes.

While we engage in action to change the hands we are dealt, we have to remember one rule: age.  Time is the dungeon master of this game of life.

We all age.  That is inevitable.  Aging after 30 years old is a slow deterioration of one’s body.  So while everyone is caught up engaged in action to change their physicality, age is also in effect.  All of physicality will eventually succumb to aging.

So is it even worth it?  Society stresses the importance of good looks and hot bodies even though we all age in the end.  That is the complexity of physicality.  The body is both random/unique and temporary.  Physicality is something we’re not initially responsible for so we try changing our temporary bodies.


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