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The Complexity of Physicality

There are two parts to every person.  There’s a non-physical part and a physical part.  The non-physical part consists of a person’s disposition, temperament, personality, intelligence, and soul.  Philosophers also call this part the “mind”.  The physical part is the body.  The mind of a person is mainly built on socialization.  The body is a … Continue reading


Give (Film) Photography a Chance

The advent of digital cameras revolutionized the photography world.  Photographers now incorporate new digital photography techniques, like high dynamic range imaging (HDR) and instant focus stacking.  People now view digital photos prior to development and printing.  The costs of taking hundreds of pictures are now more inexpensive and time efficient.  Gone are the times of … Continue reading


Ideal Conditions for a Career

I recently announced that I would be traveling.  To prepare for the travels, I have been working so much.  I work a 64-hour work week just to prepare my finances for travel. Every Saturday and Sunday, I am stuck with back-to-back shifts.  The first shift is from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  The next job … Continue reading


How to Recite a Poem

One. One word. And that pause has to be there, after that one, that one word. Then it goes to some background information that transitions to the next section Make use of literary devices whenever you can. Cause you can be a rhyming woman or man that makes the crowd go “damn, that poet used … Continue reading